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Petmilia is a company that aims to ‘live in ecological and ethical harmony between humans and animals’.

We support the Animal Welfare Association.

Indication according to the Electrical Appliances and Household Appliances Safety Management Act 

Product name: Pet bath and similar equipment Model name: PDR-W / PDR-B / PDR-R Rated voltage and frequency: AC 220 V, 60 Hz, 890 W, IPX4 

Location of use: Indoor Electromagnetic compatibility registration: R-R-BrB-PDR Product Size: [External] 850mm(W)*500mm(D)*780mm(Height) [Inside] 600mm(W)*450mm(Depth)*485mm(Height) ) Maximum Allowable Weight: 24kg

Manufacturer : BarunG&B Co., Ltd. / J-ON Global Co., Ltd. Country of manufacture : Korea

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